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Code of Conduct and Business Ethics

We have designed our corporate documents in accordance with UK and Azerbaijani laws, as well as the best global practices in the rules of business ethics and conduct. These documents reflect the company's official position in relation to the rules of conduct and interaction with both internal and external partners.

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We believe that corruption poses a threat to the rule of law, reduces the effectiveness of governance, creates an unfavorable environment for investment decisions and results in inefficient use of budget funds and financial resources. With this in mind, we have developed an internal regulatory framework for combating corruption and bribery in accordance with the requirements of international law, as well as anti-corruption recommendations of local and international organizations.

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Human rights

We guarantee equal rights and nondiscrimination based on nationality, gender, origin, age, religion, etc., as well as the right of employees to communicate with any public organization of their choice.

The company complies fully with the Labor Code and overall legislation which prohibits any form of discrimination, as well as restrictions of labor rights and freedoms. As a responsible employer, we follow all legal requirements and employ the best practices from around the world.

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Information transparency

We are responsible for ensuring that stakeholders have access to accurate information in order to make sound decisions. Nobel Energy strives to comply with all legal requirements in order to follow the best international practices in this field.

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Awareness and communication

We believe that anti-corruption awareness and training are a critical component of corruption prevention. All Nobel Energy Group employees are regularly trained on the rules of ethical conduct and encouraged to avoid illegal actions. The company regularly implements special training programs aimed at preventing corruption. Such trainings are provided both to our own employees and contractors. 

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Ethics and Compliance Hotline

As a responsible company, we require our employees to report a number of situations. These include actual or potential violations, potentially unlawful conduct, actual or potential cases of corruption or fraud, illegal acquisition, disclosure or misuse of confidential or private information, and other offences.

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